microsoft office 365As more school districts start using Office 365 (O365) more teachers are looking for ways to incorporate Office 365 apps and programs in their classrooms. Some things are obvious.. like using Microsoft Classroom. Some are less obvious like using a combination of programs to create lesson plans that are more accessible or recording your whole lecture including your screen and your voice for students that are absent or need to review. So let’s look at some ways you can use Office in your classroom.

What O365 programs or apps should I use in my classroom?

There are many other programs available from Microsoft; however, I think the ones below are the most useful for the average teacher.

How can I use this in my classroom?

Here are 15 ways to use Office in the classroom:

1. Create a class notebook and add other teachers in your department. Then use the notebook to create a collaborative space with lesson plans, tests, chat and more allowing better communication within the department and the ability to share lesson plans.

2. Math teachers can use the Math function in the OneNote desktop app (not the 2016 version) to create worksheets that show the steps of a problem so that students can easily learn the steps it takes to solve an equation. This works for multiple levels of difficulty and can even do more complex problems.

3. Use Office lens to take a picture of your whiteboard notes. You can then add them to your classroom as an assignment or to a class notebook as homework or notes.

4. You can also turn your whiteboard notes or pages of a textbook into typed text for better readability or for use with text-to-speech options or other accessibility features. See it in action HERE.

5. Use O365 Forms to create quizzes and tests. You can use images and video in the tests so you could use this for any subject from english, math and science to art or computer science. To see a sample quiz click HERE.

6. Use the new animations and equation editor to create cool science or math presentations for more engagement during presentations.

Learn more about the Morph feature HERE

7. Use Microsoft Expression Encoder to record your entire screen. You can also use screen record in Powerpoint by going to insert then select screen recording. You can even save the recording for use outside of Powerpoint by right clicking and selecting “Save media”

screen recording in powerpoint

8. Have younger students read to you by using OneNote record. They can work on inflection and reading at the same time. You can even leave feedback using stickers!

9. Use OneNote recording for foreign language classes. Have students speak the answers in OneNote. You can then leave feedback in writing or you could tell them how they did in spanish using the record option!

10. Use the real-time editing feature in Word to create pen-pal letters with other classes or schools. You can also use this feature to work on group projects and coordinate with your department.

11. Help students that have have visual impairments by using a scanner or Office Lens to take pictures of books then turn it into text  in Onenote and chase to a large font or use a different font like Dyslexie that is easier for struggling readers and people with dyslexia.

Not a Microsoft product; however, Dyslexie Font can be used by the whole school! Help students and staff with Dyslexia!

12. Use Onenote to teach sign language or incorporate ASL in your notes using the Record Video feature under Insert.

13. If you like to write more than you like to type, use Onenote or word on a tablet with a stylus (like a Note4 or Chromebook like device). write your notes and then use the Ink to Text feature to turn your handwriting into text. This is made even easier if you set the background of your Onenote page to look like lined paper (change this setting under the View tab).

14. Use the Learning Tools add on in Onenote to dictate to your computer and save time if you are not a fast typer. You can dictate your lecture notes, worksheets, and more.

15. Get your sport team or club organized using Classroom. Set up your class calendar with scheduled activities and share pictures of events through the class files. You can even create signup rosters using Forms…. and one extra!

…and one extra idea

15. Use Forms to create signup rosters for class events for parents such as what food to bring, or volunteer requests, or even a questionnaire so you can learn more about your students.

If you have other ways to use Microsoft Office in the classroom I would love to hear about it. Leave your comments, suggestions, or questions below!

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