Keyboard shortcuts save time and energy

keyboard shortcuts

Did you ever just want an easy button? Well keyboard shortcuts are just that, easy ways to do common tasks that don’t require you to take your hands off the keyboard. Depending on how many times you normally take your hands off the keyboard to use your mouse learning a few shortcuts can save quite a bit of time. All of us like to save time; however, I find that many users don’t know some simple keyboard shortcuts that could save them a bit of time. So here are my most used keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl+z = Undo

We have all been in the situation when we are working on something and we want to undo what we just did. Ctrl+z does just that. It works in almost any common use programs including all Microsoft programs, google docs, and many other applications. For Mac users, you can use CMD+z.

Ctrl+y = Redo

Did you decide you wanted that after all… don’t panic hit Ctrl+y and undo your undo. Ctrl+y is the redo command and it also works in almost any common use programs. For Mac users, you can use CMD+y. I hope you are noticing a pattern with the Mac keys. Most keyboard shortcuts on a PC that use Ctrl can be used on a Mac by substituting the CMD button.

Ctrl+c = Copy

A very common command is the copy command. This allows you to copy text, images, etc… and place an exact copy somewhere else. This saves time by not having to duplicate your work. It is important to remember that the copy command keeps the original intact. For Mac users, you can use CMD+c.

Ctrl+x = Cut

Another popular command is the cut command. This allows you to do the same thing as copy, except the cut command does not keep the original intact. This can be useful when you want to move something from its original location. For Mac users, you can use CMD+x.

Ctrl+v = Paste

The cut and copy commands are great but really need the paste command to finish them off. The paste command places the information that you cut or copied. For Mac users, you can use CMD+v.

Ctrl+k = Insert Hyperlink / Check Name

I find quite a few office workers don’t know about this one. It really has two uses. The first is an insert hyperlink function. This is useful when writing a blogpost or composing text in Word or Google Docs. However, I use the Ctrl+k command most in Outlook where it checks names for me. To do this start a new email, click in the To… field and type a name then hit Ctrl+k if your company uses a naming convention for its emails like then you can also find names easier by typing firstname.lastname Ctrl+k. Trust me.. once you start using this you will love it.

Practice makes perfect!

The key to memorizing these shortcuts is to use them as often as possible. If you need to put a stickynote on your monitor with the shortcuts and then when you have them memorized replace them with new ones. Soon you will be shortcut pro!

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